Company History

Farmer using iPad

S&S Programming, Inc., began in 1981 as a partnership between two Purdue University students. The business grew and was incorporated in 1983. Initial development of the Herdsman program began in 1980, making it one of the longest-standing and most widely proven programs on the market today.

Genetic evaluations developed by Dr. Allan Schinckel and Purdue University were incorporated into Herdsman applications in the mid-1980s. In the years to follow, additional enhancements to Herdsman products has been made possible through open relationships within both the academic and livestock production industries.

Likewise, CPA accounting software was developed in the 1980's to respond to a growing need for better data management capabilities in the school office setting. The program has grown in popularity and currently serves more than 600 schools in many states.

In 1989, focus groups of software users and prospective users became a key factor to S&S’s continued success. Because we are committed to maintaining an on-going relationship and ensuring the satisfaction of every single user, contact and input an on-going relationship. We don’t just develop software; we listen to software users. You’ll find that’s what makes the difference when you do business with S&S.

Our Products

  • Custom

    S&S earned its reputation first as a custom-software development organization. Twenty-five years ago, we knew we could help local area producers better manage data on the farm. The result of our effors was the Herdsman line of products; now utilized throughout the world.

  • CPA Windows

    Now available to school accounting professionals today! One affordably priced software program to handle all of your school accounting needs. We invite you to consider the office management advantages CPA for Windows offers professionals like you!

  • Herdsman

    Herdsman is a software program that collects data from swine farms and summarizes that data into standard reports and action lists to better manage the operation. Available in many editions based on complexity and functionality, Herdsman offers virtually unlimited data management functions.