Herdsman Software


Herdsman is a software program that, in its simplest form, collects data from swine farms and summarizes that data into standard reports and action lists to better manage the operation. Available in many editions based on complexity and functionality, Herdsman offers virtually unlimited data management functions, including:

  • Track individual animals at farrowing
  • Link animals to parents
  • Track multi-generational lineage and inbreeding
  • Develop pedigree analysis tracking 4 reproductive traits and 3 performance traits on each
  • Track mean values (multi-trait EBV or EPD analysis)
  • Establish EBVs or EPDs and combinations of EBVs into various indexes
  • Extensive pedigree documentation
  • Pig-tracking for food safety and meat origination technology

New! We are currently integrating a system to download national data from CCSI (Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement) and from the US national system Stages. On-farm calculations can be done with an iteration system or with the BLUP PEST add-in module.